Our Solutions

  • Level and Self funded plans providing the best value for the least overall cost- including vision and dental
  • Gap Insurance that can provide cost effective overall premiums for higher deductible plans
  • Employers with as few as two employees can avail our healh insurance services
  • Life and Business Insurance services

Our Solutions

Our benefits

Our benefits

  • No network restrictions (we can create networks if required too!)
  • Our plans are not restricted by any states’ regulations and are available across the United States
  • Better Pharmacy Benefit Management

Application Process

  • Within 24-48 hours of receipt, a ball-park estimate of premiums per employee per month will be sent out
  • If the quotes are satisfactory, we will be collecting the application forms from the employer and employee, waiver forms from anyone who doesn’t need the health insurnace, payroll information from the employer and the employer’s state tax information, for underwriting. This process will take about 1 week.

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Downloadable Forms

As part of step 1 of the application process, please fill out the census excel file and send it to contact@360healthbenefits.com

For applying through us, please fill out the following PDFs. Reach out to us if you have any questions

Our Master General Agent

John K. Bangs

A recipient of the ‘Outstanding Instructor of the Years' award, and the principal investigator at the University of Missouri Healthcare Reform Committee, Professor John K. Bangs has had a distinguished career both academically and in the business sector. He is very much active in reforming our healthcare system by working through legislation and businesses.

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