Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide reliable and affordable healthcare services to individuals, groups and businesses. We pride in our ability to assist our customers and provide expert advice, so they can choose the service(s) that best fits their needs.

Our Services

Traveler's Health Insurance

Traveling overseas - whether inbound to USA or outbound to other nations, is a situation where health insurance is a requirement rather than a convenience. We offer peace of mind to our travelers through a multitude of options to choose from. We also have the capability to recommend options based on our extensive analytical research. Our service is reliable and rates are low, compared to other visitors’ coverage insurance products - for the same benefits, if not better than most.

Small Business Health Insurance

For small or mid-sized businesses, employees are their greatest assets. Undoubtedly, their health as a benefit is a considerable expense. That's where 360HealthBenefits offers affordable and reliable health plans and benefits at costs way lower than what we find at United, Anthem or other such larger organizations. As a matter of fact, we have the capability to further lower the premiums by offering high deductible plans with the same benefits and cover the deductibles through gap insurance. This capability drastically lowers the overall cost to the employees. Combine this with telemedicine for just a fraction more to experience the convenience of talking to a doctor over phone or secure video. Wellness and behavioral health management programs are also offered to keep the employees healthy and safe.

Telemedicine (Telehealth)

COVID pandemic or not, the convenience of talking to the doctor over phone or video and picking up prescriptions where applicable, has become a necessity in the recent years. Especially for those individuals who don't have health insurance or if their health insurance plan does not offer telemedicine services, our team of doctors offer excellent medical services online over the video. Even for self funded health insurance plans, supplementing the plans with our telemedicine program helps businesses lower their premiums because their overall number of claims go down. Please contact us and we'd be happy to work with you on pricing your groups/employees. We promise you that we will be worthy of your time!

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